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Building Your Schedule

I have been working real estate all my life. Started as a construction site manager, then became construction director and sales director at the same time, all the while being also the CEO. During all this time we never stopped growing and, as in 2015, we have 4 directors, several managers and an average of 500 workers in our Brazilian company.

And here I am now running a real estate office! Do you wanna know what all these activities have in common? They all demand the same attitude and you can be very successful by following the same steps:

1 – Know your business – never stop learning

2 – Follow a model – don’t waste your time trying to create a system from scratch. Find a good one, learn it by heart and then improve

3 – Create a routine – it has to work for you and still fit all the activities your model demands

4 – Keep motivated – to do that you need to find balance between your career and your personal life, your dreams and your real needs, your ambitions and the needs of your family. That’s quite a challenge!

Some times you might feel a little bit lost, not knowing what to do next. It’s natural, and it happens to everybody. At these times, I like to look for inspiration by looking at what other people are doing.

It can be a great tool for learning what to do, and sometimes what not to do.

Thank God for YouTube! You will find plenty of great videos to watch.

Here is one of my favorites, with Valerie Caro. She inspires me, for several reasons:

1 – She makes a lot of money, of course!

2 – It’s easy to see that she found a way to have fun in her job

3 – She is not a workaholic and found balance and time for her passions

4 – She showed me that it is possible to make money, be successful and still ride a horse everyday!!!  🙂

Sounds good? Watch the video and see how inspiring she is!


Posted on April 15, 2015 at 8:39 am by Joao Almeida

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